Serious. Fun. 501 Williams Blvd., Rivertown Kenner, LA (504) 287-4707

“The Castle Theater’s reopening is an important part of Rivertown’s rebirth. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring world-class comedy, music and live theater to Kenner and the entire New Orleans area,” said Mayor Mike Yenni  

Friday July 31 & Friday August 7 @ 8pm * Jodi Borrello's Comedy Futz

This show has quickly become a favorite at The Castle with comedians Jodi Borrello, Becky Allen & Allison Hotard. Individual funny on stage, and together a funny little RIOT! These three love working together, and it translates to the stage, Spend a few hours of your weekend unwinding, relaxing, and laughing!  GIRLS NIGHT OUT, BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY, DATE, WILD NIGHT? Let us know what you're celebrating, and The Castle will give you a shout during the show! Hire a babysitter, and come have a cocktail, with  laughs! 

Friday August  14 @ 8pm * Comic Recess Crew

COMIC RECESS CREW is back. Join this slamming group of 
comedians for some good times, good laughs, good fun. Hosted by Cyril Morise. Featuring: Allison Hotard, Jim Tideman, Linda Wright, Mark Firmin, Marie DiSanti, Kathleen Newsom, Gina Gomez & Matt Owens.

Friday August 15 @ 8pm * GG's 504 Comedy Tour

Gina Gomez bring her talents as an emcee comedian to The Castle Theatre with a host of some of New Orleans' best & favorite comedians for GG's 504 COMEDY HOUR! 

Saturday August 22 @ 8pm * Comedy Class Graduation

The Castle Theatre is happy to have the Comedy Class Graduation show. These folks 
have been developing and working and writing their own five minutes of comedy genius for the last four weeks in The Comedy Notebook Class. They are ready to perform it in front of you! Support them. Love them. This is their first time delivering this material in front of an audience, and that audience is you. Jodi Borrello will be on hand as well.

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